Marketing Your Small Business with Customer Reviews

Customer testimonials make great small business marketing tools, but the process of acquiring them—and using them effectively—can feel overwhelming. And for some people, the thought of asking customers for reviews makes them squirm. Fortunately, we talked with a couple of experts who say there are a number of painless ways to start leveraging those great […]

Tumblr – The Future of Content Marketing

With so many social networking sites out there, and what seems like a newcomer appearing every other week, you could say that business owners and marketers have more tools than ever at their disposal for spreading awareness about their products and brands. Naturally, this can be a double-edged sword. With so many different sites available […]

Google’s Hummingbird Update is More Significant than Businesses Thinks

Hummingbird is the biggest iteration of the Google algorithm since Caffeine in 2010. It is, however, going to have less impact immediately on search marketing than the Panda and Penguin updates. Amit Singhal, of Google, said 90% of searches have been affected by this algorithm change. It was interesting to note, however, that very little […]

Content Marketing is the New Advertising

When’s the last time you paid any attention to a banner ad? Let’s face it — web users have become adept at glossing over ads, no matter how well-placed they may be. These days, if you want to expand your customer base, you’ve got to have a solid content marketing strategy. Why? People are tired […]

How to Boost Sales by Marketing to Different Personality Types

According to my personal survey results from The Quant Method (TQM), I’m a diplomat personality: I’m sympathetic, friendly, helpful and open. I’m also introspective, warm, altruistic and positive. As a charismatic, creative and imaginative person, TQM says I would do well in a leadership role. Now, an individual’s personality traits might not mean much to […]

Why EBay Templates Improve Listing Pages for Sellers

Templates can help eBay sellers stand out from the crowd. With more than 200 million listings running concurrently on the online marketplace at any time, it’s important for sellers to present a unique and professional look that encourages potential buyers to buy. Chris Taylor, vice president of marketing for Page Mage, Inc., says that templates […]

How to Find and Do Business With International Suppliers

Securing a manufacturer to produce unique items or finding a trustworthy supplier to purchase large quantities of general products for your online store is a big challenge for a small business. “When you’re a small business person, remember that each deal could be your first or last, depending on how you conduct business,” said global […]

Social Media Marketing: Twitter Tips in 140 Characters or Less

When used effectively, Twitter is a great social media marketing tool that can help you connect with customers in a much more personal way than you can on an ecommerce website. On Twitter, your messages — or tweets — are limited in character space, so be creative with your words and tweet about things that […]

Facebook Offers: Coming Soon to Business Pages

If you have a local Facebook Business Page you’ll soon have a new tool to add to your social media marketing arsenal. The new “Offers” service, announced by Facebook last month, is expected to roll out to more Facebook Page admins over the next few months. Facebook Offers is a new feature for page admins […]

Expert Ecommerce Website Design Advice

When it comes to ecommerce website design there are many options for getting a unique layout and feel that matches your small business brand and presence. An ecommerce site design — compared to other types of business sites — has a very specific goal of converting a site visitor into a paying customer, and everything […]