Is Too Much Technology Bad for Business

Having worked the web professionally since 1995, I can remember a time when we weren’t so hardwired to technology. Sure a lot of the elements of online life that we take for granted today were already in vogue back then, like Apple vs PC, inkjet printers, zines (the forerunner of blogs), and even cellphones had […]

The SEO Road Map to Success – Part 1

You may know the basic information needed to search engine optimize your website, but it’s easy to get sidetracked by the latest SEO trend and a short while later begin to feel overwhelmed by information overload. What I want to do for you right now is simplify SEO and put you back onto the path […]

SEO and the Fool’s Gold Fantasy

Do you want to be on Page One of Google? Of course you do. Who wouldn’t! All you have to do is believe everything you’re told by the so-called SEO experts. ‘Page One’ is Nirvana, Utopia, and the Holy Grail all rolled into one Google Street Map location where the little yellow man hovers triumphantly […]

Seven Frequently Asked Questions About Reselling Hosting

New to Reseller hosting? Get answers to your questons from our reseller hosting gude below. What is reseller hosting? Reseller hosting provides you with the ability to create individual subaccounts from the allotted disk space and bandwidth of your main account. You remain in complete control by setting the amount of space and bandwidth each […]

Why Hide Your IP Address?

Hiding your IP address is the best way for surfing the net anonymously. IP address is the Internet protocol address. This is the unique address of a computer on the Internet. The IP address consists of four numbers divided by periods. These numbers indicate the domain, the subnetwork, the network and the host computer. Each […]

Setting up a Web Server – The Most Important Step to Hosting your Website from Home

You might be trying to decide whether you want to host your website yourself rather than pay a hosting company. Maybe you just want to learn how it is done, or you want to save some money by doing it yourself. In this article I’ll discuss the most important part of hosting your website from […]

Web Hosting Basics

If you have decided you or your company is in need of a website, you will have to purchase web hosting services from a hosting company. There are many different web-hosting companies to choose from, and they can easily be found on the internet. If you do a quick search for them in any search […]

Changing to new host? No more worries!

John’s online business is expanding. His customers are increasing day by day. However, he feels very frustrated at the moment as he finds his website is ‘down’ about every 4th day. Whenever he calls up the support team of his web host, he gets the same old answer that his problem will be rectified soon. […]

Avoid, Shun, Thwart, Prevent, and then Filter Spam

Email is rapidly becoming the standard means of communication among businesses, associates, and even friends. While many people have now been using the internet and email for years, there are thousands of new users on the internet each day. With inexpensive web hosting, free email services, and the blog burst upon us, getting your own […]

Reseller Hosting Defined

Reseller Defined: The term Reseller according to the dictionary means to sell again i.e. to sell a product or service to the public or to an end user, especially as an authorized dealer, while making sure that you make a profit on the sale. Reseller Hosting Reseller hosting is no different either, a reseller buys […]