Domain Names Scam Attempts On The Rise

Domain Names Scam Attempts On The Rise

Internet nowadays has become a place where cyber attacks are so common that anyone and anything has become exposed to them. Such is the case with ICANN, too, who reported their users have been targeted with a new fraud attempt regarding domain names authorizing.

The hackers tried to use the company’s image and sent emails to their users as if sent by ICANN. The purpose of those messages is to get the personal information, including financial data, from them. Such methods are quite widely used by scammers and for this they resort to similar images to the real logos as well as the same slogans and words as on the genuine websites they steal them from.

ICANN has made a public announcement to let the public know they never collect personal information within emails, they never ask for money and they never ask users to click on suspicious links.

In order to avoid other cases in the future, an investigation will be made and similar situations are to be alerted to ICANN so that necessary actions should be taken. Any inquiries about fraudulent attempts are expected to be reported promptly as soon as possible.

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