ICANN In A Legal Impasse

ICANN In A Legal Impasse

US authorities have recently empowered ICANN to handle a case that implies the possible control over Iran’s ccTLD taken by the victims of terrorism.


The question if domain names can be kept apart as a way of compensation for somebody, particularly because it is a unique case until now, implied issues of legality regarding the sentence of the court.


There has been highlighted the idea that the services of a domain names producer have an apart and abstract status and there is no tangible reason to be given out a compensation, not even for the fact that a country is in a way or another connected to the problem in question.


In another order of ideas, domain names being managed by their supervisors of registries became a general rule to be pursued and cannot be or will not be used by third parties. As a result, ICANN launched a press release announcing the above information.


The solution given by the court is under debate by the community of consumers who insisted lately on ICANN’s status and the relation that it has with the US Government and expressed their wish to see rather their rights assigned to an internationally administered organization.

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