Personal Information Issues In The Spotlight

Personal Information Issues In The Spotlight

With the help of the volunteers found by ICANN, there are expected to be made some serious improvements to the application of the regulations concerning WHOIS issues with confidentiality legislation.


To see if the WHOIS regulations are adaptable to the GNSO recommendations, ICANN tried to find aspects that will contravene with the national legislation.


Discussions related to the changes are scheduled to happen through internet meetings. In addition, these virtual meetings will be recorded for public revision. Although there is appreciated every recommendation from anyone disposed to give a hand, the meetings will be only for certain people and not public.


Initiated by the GNSO Council, this procedure was designed with the purpose to let ICANN to know in the shortest time about any perspective conflict in order to clarify it in a legal and proper manner. They were kindly warned to gather personal information and exhibited it with consideration and involvement towards the local market.


It is expected to align the ICANN’s procedures together with the new national laws and the ones in charged with the government policy are welcomed to join and collaborate with recommendations and inputs.

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