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A website is a must have for businesses, organizations and others who need a online presence. If money’s tight, or you are just starting out and are not ready to invest, making a Web page on one of the many free Web hosting sites available can put you online in a matter of hours.

Choose a free Web host, and develop a clear idea of what type of Web page you need. The Web page you build for a business conducting transactions on the Internet will be vastly different from the page you create to share your craft ideas.



Visit free Web hosting services such as,, or to create a website. Webs, Webstarts and Weebly all feature free site-building tools and free hosting.

Suitable for online businesses, Webs, Webstarts and Weebly feature tools that allow the website you create to work with payment sites such as Google Checkout and PayPal.

Webs, Webstarts and Weebly also have a blog feature that allows you to update the page with blog posts rather than with more complicated page design tools.


Try free blog hosting sites for a Web page that is more informational in nature., and are only three examples of the many free blog hosting sites available–a Google search will turn up many more examples.

Blogs are excellent for personal or organization Web pages, although they can be used for commercial purposes. Blogs are often used in conjunction with a traditional website rather than for business purposes alone. Supplemental information is frequently offered through blog posts, which drives traffic to the website.


Look into Web hosting that offers free design tools but a nominal hosting fee if your Web page needs growth potential. Businesses interested in developing a Web presence quickly can take advantage of Web hosting services that charge a small fee and offer access to better domain names and better design tools and support.

Web Hosting Geeks recommend, and as three low-cost Web hosting services that also provide free design tools.

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