New Website: How To Get Site Indexed Fast

Get Indexed Quick on Google

If you have built a brand new wbesite or blog you may want to get it indexed as soon as possible from Google. You should have already have doen your keyword research, chosen your keywords and optimised your page for the keywords. You should get some content before you try and get your site indexed. You can then slowly add content to your site.

You don't need to submit your site to Google as they will follow links from other pages to your site.

If you wanted to you could use a tool like Submitexpress which submits to many search engines free.

You should sign up to as many social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Reddit, Propellor, Submitupon and One good tool you can use to add to these sites is SocialMarker

You should use your keywords in your title and anywhere else you can in these submissions. This will be better for the long term.

Another important way that many people overlook is to use the Google Webmaster tools. Log in and submit a sitemap of your site. Google will then go and crawl your site.

Your site should now get crawled by Google. You can also submit a link to your website through a new Hubpage but you should make sure you write good content.

You can also start a Squidoo lens and place links to your website.

Using these methods may take a few days to get your site indexed.

If your site still isn't indexed then you can create a new blog on wordpress or blogger. You can then wrtie a few posts on the topic of your website. You can also publish articles from articledirectories. Make a few posts regularly on these blogs and link to your website aswell as other old high ranking websites in your niche area.

Your blogs may take around 1 or 2 days to get indexed and then a few days later your main site.

You should also link from your old exisitng websites or blogs.

You can maybe make a few comments on blogs that have "no follow" and let google spider your links. A useful resource for checking out no follow blogs is to use the search engine at Digerati Marketing.

You can just enter your niche into the google search engine.

It is useful to get your site indexed quick at first so your site spends less time in the Sandbox as your site is sandboxed for 6 months from the day your site got listed in google.

Once you start adding content google will take notice of your updates and will crawl the site more regularly. You should then start a link building strategy for the long term as the methods mentioned are short term. Once your site is ready you can start writing articles and link to your site using the keywords you have chosen. This method is more long term and sustained although it shoots up at first and then goes down as the article gets older it is pushed back into the directory pages.

Some of the methods with the blogs some people may not like but if you use it and put good content there is nothing wrong with it.

There is another trick that you can use using Google Adsense but I would never use it so i'm not going to post it.

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